Entrust us with all your shipping requirements and secure a high quality,
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Mediterranean Lines with headquarters in the port of Piraeus has been actively involved in ship chartering for over 48 years.
The staff of Konstantinos Koumelas shipping agency has been offering their services all these years to both Greek and foreign ship owners. We are renowned for our passion, ethos and consistency and have been working all these years with only 1 goal in mind – attending to our customers best interest by putting to use our expertise and providing them with high quality services in unmatched prices.
We have invested a great deal of effort in our personal relations with all our clients and throughout the years have achieved to form strong bonds of friendship. Our goal is to continue to hold personal contact in high regards with all our future clients and partners. Our company’s vision involves continuous development and for this reason we are highly invested in training our crew and modernizing all of our equipment.